Healthcare Quality Management

 Healthcare Quality Management (HQM)

Training Program

Intended Learning Outcomes:

•       Describe what Quality management is

•       Explain the types of the customers

•       Explain the Quality Basic Principles

•       Explain key dimensions of healthcare quality.

•       Discuss the concept of Value

•       Explain Juran Model of Quality Management

•       Analyze Donabedian Paradigm

•       Interpret Process Approach and Variation

•       Demonstrate Statistical Process Control

 Training Program Overview:

In today’s era of increased accountability for quality of healthcare, all healthcare providers must be fluent in the concepts and tools of total quality management.

This training course clearly explains the basics of performance excellence and provides a set of principles for managing healthcare quality.

Although it covers the fundamentals, it moves beyond old methods and provides an integrated approach to tackling the quality challenges inherent in healthcare.

This training course is loaded with real-world examples that will help you quickly master new concepts.

This course designed for all healthcare physicians that starting their journey in healthcare service providing.

 Practical Learning Format:

The main training method will be interactive learning with small group discussions and in-class exercises.

All trainees will meet each morning to review readings, respond to content questions, and share reactions. 

The training program weekly assessment is conducted in many interesting forms.

 Who Should Attend?

Participants in this dynamic program are the Healthcare professionals who wish to add to their knowledge and skills the concepts and principles of quality management.

 The Training Program Duration:

The 40 hours program will be conducted in 10 days, 4 hours per day, once weekly.

The training program followed by Final Exam and Practical research Presentation.