Train of Trainer (TOT)

Train of Trainer (TOT) 

Training Program

Intended Learning Outcomes:

Participants in this learning experience will learn:
– Basic knowledge on adult learning.
– Training Needs Assessment.
– Training Design Techniques.
– Training Delivery: Methods، Techniques and Tools.
– Brain storming، Interactive talk، Illustrative talk.
– Group discussion، Panel discussion، Role plays exercise، Workshop method.
– Classroom practical, Field practical, Practice in participatory evaluation of training.

Training Program Overview:

The job of a trainer in TOT is not only to build a potential Cadre of trainers for preparing functionaries for different development activities, but also to inspire, encourage and enthuse them to be the facilitators of a self-sustaining growth process through participatory approach.

Supplement your talk by suitable illustrations with a view to make your presentations more interesting by using different types of visuals like pictures, drawings, a flannel board, flash cards, models, samples.

Practical Learning Format:

The main training method will be interactive learning with small group discussions and in-class exercises.

All trainees will meet each morning to review readings, respond to content questions, and share reactions.

The training program weekly assessment is conducted in many interesting forms.

Who Should Attend?

Participants in this dynamic program are Trainers, Coaches, HR Personnel, Training Managers and any one interest in teaching who wish to add to their knowledge and skills.

The Training Program Duration:

The 40 hours program will be conducted in 5 days, 8 hours per day, once weekly.

The training program followed by Final Exam and Practical Presentation Project.